Our future with machine intelligence

Monthly meet-up in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin to develop ideas for a positive future for humanity with AI.


The first meeting will be about sharing experience and perspectives, and then sharpening focus on issues and possibilities in the area of interaction between people and machine intelligence. My aim is to establish a core creative team which meets  on a regular basis - a  think tank which discovers, prototypes and implements sustainable projects linking people and machine intelligence. On the one hand, I would like to raise awareness and comprehension of the potentials and risks of machine learning. More importantly, I would like to explore untapped areas where machine learning can positively impact a sustainable  future. 


Next meeting: 27th March, 2020, Office-Club, Pappelallee 78/79, 17:00-19:00Uhr


Everyone welcome, including experts in fields of software, innovation, economics, future research and ecology.

Come along and brainstorm ideas for a sustainable future together with machine intelligence.


German and English speakers welcome!