Join me on a learning journey to improve your communication skills, develop great ideas, and increase your focus on the things that matter to you.


Design & Deliver


How do people achieve their learning goals?


People learn automatically and quickly when they are self-motivated to shape their learning. With the right learning methods and the best design for your learning events, your employees will spread a positive learning culture in your company.


For this purpose, methods and skills are trained interactively and intensively in the 4-day course.

Team Training


How does peak performance come about in a team?

It gives people great joy and meaning to be successful in a team. With a very specific set of agile skills, one can positively influence the results and atmosphere of a team.


In this 2-day workshop, 3 core agile skills are experienced, trained and anchored. Experience agility in your team!

Power Presenting


How do you maximise your impact in an important presentation?


People need an understandable message, with a clear meaning that is quickly and sustainably internalised.


Do you want to deliver your topic with such confidence and verve that your audience not only takes the message to heart, but continues to talk about it several times?

Then Power Presentations is right for you.



How do you find new ideas and strategies for the future of a company?


People are motivated when they develop ideas together with the right tools. A well-managed creative workshop produces numerous ideas for new business innovations and allows these ideas to be evaluated and refined so that new products and services can be created.


Professional moderation of the various phases of idea development is a key to success.

"I was privileged to attend a Train the Trainer course given by John Paul. I was simply amazed by his energy, competence, and humour.

And, best of all, the course was highly relevant to the real world of training: I still think about the course and still use a lot of what I learned. Simply one of the best trainers I ever encountered!", Jens Reineking