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Writing songs is perhaps my way of trying to understand and cope with the world around me. I aim to express hope for a liveable future on this planet together, despite the complexity of the structures and hierarchies humanity has created. 


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Shake it Up

Mama´s gonna tell ya



While working on the Netflix series "Queen´s Gambit", I realized a need to share my passion for this great game with others

Discover the beauty and depth of this ancient game by joining me online or offline with a group of chess enthusiasts. Learn openings, middlegame strategy, endgame theory to become a stronger chess player. Next courses here: 

For beginners: (Online)

to be announced soon (next course in November)

For people who can play a bit (Online):

Die Berliner Volkshochschulen - Kursdetails

Meet up in real life:

Die Berliner Volkshochschulen - Kursdetails  



The main body of my work at present is supporting people in different branches on improving their interpersonal communication: leadership, ideation and didactics are the main topics I train and coach online and offline.

Let me know what support your company needs and let you and your colleagues profit from my 20 years of experience in coaching and training.  


Flow Coaching

A specific coaching passion of mine is the topic of flow. Michael Csikszentmihalyi talks about how the work of a surgeon is addictive because it exemplifies some crucial flow principles. I believe life can be fulfilling if we can work out how and where to find our flow. With my coaching format, you can work out how to improve your flow, whatever your job. And you will only need a couple of sessions.


Clear Sight

Closely connected to my enthusiasm for flow is a life-long ambition and belief in the possibility of improving weak eye-sight, whether long-sightedness or short-sightedness. As a philosophy student all those years ago I came across Aldous Huxley´s book, "The Art of Seeing" and since then firmly believe that with the right exercises and attitude, weak vision can be improved. First exercise: when you´re travelling on a train, try taking off your glasses, and do some simple training. Want to find out how? Join my weekly online course...

"I was privileged to attend a Train the Trainer course given by John Paul. I was simply amazed by his energy, competence, and humour.

And, best of all, the course was highly relevant to the real world of training: I still think about the course and still use a lot of what I learned. Simply one of the best trainers I ever encountered!", Jens Reineking