Webinar - Thinking NEW:  Termin bald hier...

VUCA world, complexity? Many ideas and sensible approaches have already been discussed and are being implemented.


But the changes happening now go even deeper. In those organizations that want to use the current situation, the potential paradigm shift, to their advantage, establish a corresponding learning and change culture, enable continuous improvement and recognize that innovation within the organization must be given a different status.


Coming from a time of security, order and structure, we have forgotten how to think NEW in time. Often we only act when sales figures are declining, decisions have lost their effectiveness for too long and we still act according to rules that no longer fit the problems and challenges. So the point is to learn to think NEW without necessity.


The ability to develop new thoughts is becoming more and more important, especially for managers and employees in middle management and especially in more agile organizations. Thinking NEW is currently still limited to innovation departments and the further development of products - but there is a need to integrate radical new thoughts/ideas into the work processes and to question existing ones more often.


This is exactly where the webinar comes in. How do I put current decisions to the test, how do I learn to think out-of-the-box, which methods and thinking tools help me to question decisions I have made and how do we force ourselves to think NEW and give ourselves room for it?


What you will experience and take away


  • Practising changes of perspective - from critic to optimist and back again
  • Using diversity - the power of diversity of perspectives
  • UNLEARNING - making room for NEW thinking
  • Learning to be disruptive in an iterative process
  • Preview of our full workshop
  • Visual tools
  • Interaction with the participants
  • 15 min. exchange or more, depending on participation
  • Live webinars - no recording
  • For whom is the webinar suitable?

Executives and middle management

HR and PE managers

Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner

All who are curious about how to learn new thinking



Price 72,90- Euro per link. After registration (fill in the form below) you will receive the webinar link and payment alternatives.

We look forward to meeting you!


Your John Paul Atkinson and Alexander Schaaf (https://key2agile.de/)