Increase your flow...

Coaching Online

This coaching format at allows you to apply your resources from positive experiences to challenges in which it is harder to concentrate or focus. The coaching session uses 7 principles of flow identified by Mikhail Czikzentmihaili in his research on top performers who regularly experience high absorption in their tasks.

I will support you in applying these principles to your situations. 


Coaching session: 60 min

Call me on 01578 3464414 or mail to if you would like to find out more about the coaching.

1. Work out your strengths

By identifying a typical positive high-flow experience we can work out why and how you best get into this flow.

2. Analyze the challenge

You can work on situations which are lacking in flow, and identify the main categories for finding an improvement.

3. Apply Flow-Profile

By applying your unique profile to new situations, we will work out what you can change to increase the sense of focus and enjoying for difficult situations.